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Justine Ammendolia

Justine Ammendolia (she/her) is a marine biologist, plastic pollution researcher and science communicator based out of Toronto, Canada. She is passionate about understanding how humans impact aquatic environments and how science can inspire stewardship and better policy to better protect natural areas.


After completing her MSc in Marine Biology at Memorial University of Newfoundland in 2017, Justine has worked as a researcher on a variety of projects. Notably, she co-developed a Newfoundland debris-monitoring program that paints the picture of plastic pollution landscapes and started a research program to understand the sources and pathways of COVID-19 related plastic pollution in Toronto. Through her research, Justine aims to make science more accessible through the use of citizen science technologies and photography for visual storytelling.

Justine is a National Geographic Explorer who has won research grants, written educational material, presented at Society Headquarters and sat on panels to discuss the challenges of the LGBTQ+ community in science. She is also a member of the Youth Council to the Chief Science Advisor of Canada.

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