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Katie Schulze

Katie (she/her) grew up in the Prairies of southern Alberta, where she completed her bilingual BSc in biological sciences at the University of Alberta, Campus St. Jean. During her degree, Katie also completed the Fall Program at the Bamfield Marine Sciences Center, completing a directed study on intertidal seaweed adaptations. She has also worked as a lab and field technician in an entomology lab at the University of Alberta, focusing on important forestry and agricultural insects.

Katie’s most exciting adventure was her recent volunteer trip to Fiji, where she developed her scuba diving skills, contributed to long-term coral reef biodiversity surveys, and participated in community development initiatives!


Katie’s role with Riparia, with support from the Ocean Wise Ocean Bridge Program, is to help develop more educational content for our upcoming expeditions and to help organize our team online. 

Katie’s plans for the future are to complete her master’s degree in marine science or marine management.

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