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Mikayla Wujec

Mikayla Wujec (she/her) is a social entrepreneur and storyteller. Her life’s goal is to get more women spending time in and loving the outdoors – especially the water. As co-founder of Riparia, a non-profit organization that offers free trips to young women on Canadian lakes and rivers to steward a love for science, learning and fresh waters, Mikayla is helping to build the next generation of outdoors-women.

Mikayla is also co-founder of alder apparel, an outdoor apparel company for women that creates sustainable, size-inclusive clothing, and is transforming outdoor recreation by making it comfortable, accessible, diverse and centred around fun – not just performance.

As a storyteller, Mikayla has reached over 5 million people through her photography, videography and storytelling on digital platforms. Over the last 10 years she has led National Geographic expeditions in freshwater and marine environments in Canada, the United States, New Zealand, Southeast Asia and the Indo-Pacific, capturing remarkable stories, photographs and videos to encourage love, understanding and protection of people and planet.

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